Sunday, 30 August 2015

2 miniAtmegatron tutorials now up

There's now 2 miniAtmegatron tutorials on the Tutorials page. The first shows you how to assembly it and the second shows you how to MIDI-hack your Arduino Uno. If you bought a MIDI-hacked Arduino Uno with your miniAtmegatron, there is no need to watch the second one. The MIDI-hack vid is for Windows users only. A Mac one will be uploaded next week (it's a different process for Mac).

Friday, 28 August 2015

Relaunch update 2!

Good news! I have managed to ship all orders placed between Monday (24th) and Thursday (27th). I also have a fresh batch of Arduinos for the minis. Took a few late nights, but I'm pleased to say that normal service has resumed!

Thursday, 27 August 2015

Relaunch Update

Just a quick note to say that the relaunch is going really well. I've been inundated with orders, which is great! The downside is that although I've started shipping, the most recent orders (from Weds/Thurs) may not ship until next week. Apologies for this.

This also means that I've fallen behind with making the video tutorials. Luckily Bent-tronics have already done an amazing assembly tutorial! I hope to do the tutorial for MIDI-hacking your Arduino Uno tomorrow (Friday), all being well.

Monday, 24 August 2015

Re/Launch Day at Soulsby Synthesizers!


The Atmegatron relaunches today at the new price of £199 / €299 / $299. It is available from the webshop and distributors will have stock imminently.
There's also a new 90 second promo which covers all of the essentials.
News on the much-anticipated Odytron software soon!


The miniAtmegatron launches today. It is a synthesizer shield kit for the Arduino Uno. The sound engine is based on the Atmegatron. They retail for £29 / €39 / $39. The kit contains the PCB, all components and instructions. It doesn't contain an Arduino Uno. By MIDI-hacking your Arduino Uno, the miniAtmegatron can be controlled via MIDI over USB. There will be a tutorial on how to do it this week.
This 90 second promo covers the essentials about the miniAtmegatron.
There is also a comparison table on the Products page.